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Vision and Goals

Based on input from the public and community stakeholders, a Vision and Goals have been developed to support the development of the Strategic Plan. If you have any comments about the Vision and Goals please submit a comment here.


Grand Valley Transit will be a viable transportation choice for all populations that is responsive to community needs and connects communities, neighborhoods, and destinations while enhancing quality of life and supporting economic vitality in the region.



An affordable, connected, efficient, and easy to use transit system that attracts all rider types and integrates all modes.


A strong community partner that works collaboratively with public, private, and non-governmental organizations.

Economic and Community Vitality

A transit system that supports jobs, recreation, and overall community well-being.

System Preservation

A financially sustainable transit system operating in a state of good repair.

Education and Outreach

A public that is informed and educated about GVT service and the mobility options it provides for all trip types and populations.